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How the Right HVAC System Minimizes Energy Bills in a Large Home

Large homes are challenging to efficiently heat and cool. A traditional central HVAC system, for example, requires massive amounts of energy to bring the entire home to its target temperature, which costs a lot of money. To worsen matters, the system works overtime to warm every single area—including the basement or attic you never go in.

Rather than heating and cooling parts of the home you don’t use, the Mitsubishi Electric® ductless HVAC system only targets areas you spend time in. If you own a large home, learn how a multi-zone cooling and heating unit will lower your bills and keep you comfortable.

How Central HVAC Systems Raise Bills for Large Homes

Conventional HVAC systems can only run at full speed to reach the thermostat’s target temperature; then, they shut off. After the unit powers down, many larger homes experience uncomfortable drafts in some areas, while other parts may feel too warm. Not only is this temperature discrepancy uncomfortable, but it also can quickly become pricey. Meanwhile, heat will rise from the lower floors upward. When your upstairs bedroom feels perfectly warm but your living room is freezing, you have a problem. Many homeowners crank the thermostat up to compensate, which only raises their energy bill further.

How a Mitsubishi Electric Multi-Zone System Helps

The Mitsubishi Electric multi-zone cooling and heating system is completely ductless, which makes the installation process a breeze. These small, discreet HVAC systems can be mounted to the wall or the floor in every room where you need hot or cool air. At the touch of a button—or a tap of your digital device—the HVAC system will work to bring the room to your target temperature. Within minutes, you can attain the desired comfort level in any room. Rather than wasting money heating a bedroom all day, save cash by programming each individual system as you see fit. As a result, you may see your utility bills drop by over 30%.

If you’re interested in attaining greater comfort and a lower energy bill, consult the professionals from Gold Coast Home Comfort in Hicksville, NY. The premier Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractors™ offer the high-quality ductless HVAC systems and installations you need to make a positive change. To learn more about what the team will do for you, visit the website. You may also call them today at (516) 433-0918.

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