About the Team


Tom Stackpole

Founder and Owner

With over 30 years of professional HVAC experience, Tom is full of knowledge when it comes to heating and air conditioning. With that being said, his true passion lies in helping to improve the lives of others through the products and services Gold Coast offers their customers.

Mike Randall.jpg

Mike Randall

Process Development Manager


Lauren Bialkowski

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Lauren has worked in marketing for the past 6 years in various industries, including: sustainable energy, education, and with several nonprofits. She is now focusing her work in the HVAC industry where she is able to combine her love of helping others with her passion for the business field through the company's Earning and Returning Initiative.

Dan 2.jpg

Dan Sayers

HVAC Technician

mike 2.jpg

Mike Cook

HVAC Technician

Zach Head Shot.jpg

Zach Kalinowski

HVAC Helper