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What makes Gold Coast Home Comfort so different?


We Think Different!

If I ask you to describe a high performing person you would probably tell me about an entrepreneur, Olympian or professional athlete.

The reality is that most people today are more high performing than in previous years.  Between two people working and/or single parenting, shuffling kids around to their activities, attending school events, dinner, and laundry, the list goes on and on.

Everybody is busy!

We believe that to successfully perform at this level and be at your best for the people you care about the most, especially your children, it is essential that you have the time to rest and re-group so that you can do it again the next day. 

Focused on your needs and what you go through every day, we’ve determined that an expensive mattress alone will not do the trick after a hard day’s work.

If the temperature, humidity, and air quality are not right for YOU, then you will not get the good night’s sleep you deserve!

Let’s look a little deeper…what happens if you don’t get a good night’s sleep?

Depending on your occupation, whether you are a nurse, teacher, doctor, fireman, lawyer, police officer, stay at home Mom, consultant, caretaker, contractor or any other occupation:


How many lives are impacted by you not performing at your best?


Think about that for a minute before you read on.

Founded and owned by Thomas Stackpole, Gold Coast Home Comfort was specifically created to be sensitive to and serve the needs of others.  Through our team efforts, we create comfortable environments at work and at home so that our customers can thrive and perform at their best and in turn, live a better life. 

Closing the loop on our search for fulfillment, Our Earning & Returning™ initiative further defines our purpose filled mission as we support those in need through volunteering and donations to raise awareness on a regular basis, thereby improving more than just your own life.


Our belief system is customer-centric.

Since our primary goal is helping people improve their lives, we’ve searched and selected the best performing and most dependable equipment manufacturers in order to achieve this goal.


We are not influenced by manufacturer incentives to push inferior products. 

In fact, we use a different manufacturer for ductless technology (Mitsubishi Elite Diamond Contractor), than we do for central air conditioning & heating (American Standard Customer Care Dealer) because we’ve researched and selected the best performing and most dependable equipment out of each category.

Equipment dependability and an expert installation are paramount.

After all, we all know that if a system is going to fail to perform, it will be when it’s 95 degrees outside on a holiday with a house full of people!


We believe the biggest variable in selecting a contractor to perform services in your home is who will be doing the work.  The character and integrity of the people who will be designing, installing and servicing your system as well as treating your home or business with care are equally as important as the equipment that you select.


Trust us to help improve more than just your own life!  We guarantee that you will have a seamless and wonderful experience.


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