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Tom Stackpole

With over 30 years of professional experience in the HVAC, Facility Management, Construction and Real Estate Investment fields, Tom is well-informed. Looking back at the most impactful experiences, it became apparent that he was most often in the presence of and/or reporting to people that were older and wiser, both in and out of the work place.  When tasked with assignments, it was clear that his determination to complete the task at hand would create unlimited opportunities.


As time quickly passed, Tom became the older, and hopefully wiser, one.


After incorporating several successful companies and providing services in humbling, critical environments, such as group homes, hospitals, homeless shelters, and children’s psychiatric centers, Tom reflected on his work experiences in an effort to find out what made some work environments more successful/tolerable than others.  It was clear to him that the only variable was leadership, or the lack thereof.


It has been said that the personality of the owner becomes the personality of the company. In agreement, what made Tom successful as an individual continues to be the core driving force behind the continued development of our selfless team and success here at Gold Coast Home Comfort.



Our accomplishments come from our desire to help others.

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