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Clean Air

Clean Environment

Enjoy Perfect Comfort

Save Money
Up to 40%

Own an Air Conditioning
System That Works
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Central Air


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Uncomfortable at home?

Noisy, inefficient systems that do not properly cool, heat, and dehumidify are frustrating and costly to run.

In today's world, busy, hard-working people shouldn't have to invest their hard earned money in a system and a company they can't depend on. 

Invest in dependable home comfort &
a trusting relationship that serves your needs

  • Constant dehumidification & air filtration

  • Work with a trusted team that will provide a seamless quality experience from start to finish

  • Silent, nearly invisible units

  • No moldy ductwork

  • Know you're being guided by a professional you can trust

  • Consistent heating and cooling

  • Save the environment

  • Feel good about who you're giving your money to

3 simple steps toward the home comfort you deserve

Schedule a Free Estimate

Meet with our Consultant

We are responsive to your needs.

They will design a system that fits your needs and your budget.

Enjoy Year Round Comfort

Our team will provide a seamless, high quality installation that you can depend on.

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You deserve a system that works

We get it! Working hard all day, shuffling kids all over the place, laundry, dinner, the list goes on - your days are consumed.  We understand how frustrating it can be coming home to an air conditioning system that doesn’t work. What’s worse is not feeling confident that you have someone to call.

Planning a cooling and heating system improvement can be exciting, but the thought of searching for someone you can trust can be a drain on your valuable time and money.  If the right selection isn’t made, that excitement can turn into grief, discomfort, and lost money.

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Industrial HVAC Installation

Central Air


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"With being first time parents and having a baby at home is another big reason why its so great to be able to control the temperature in each room. My husband and I like the temperature to be on the cooler side when we sleep, but for our baby we wanted to make sure his nursery is warm enough, this way everyone is comfortable. The system truly allows you to personalize your temperature level, and not waste money maintaining the temperature in the house. You can really customize every aspect of this system!"


"I wish I could hire him for everything I needed done to my house!! In today’s culture, we have come to almost expect mediocrity, so it’s quite a pleasant surprise when your experience is so positive from start to finish. I kept waiting for a shoe to drop and it never did."


"I would highly recommend Gold Coast Home Comfort to install a ductless heating and cooling system. I am thrilled with how efficient the product is. It is quiet, eliminates humidity, and provides a comfortable temperature throughout the house for all weather conditions. Best of all, it is completely flexible as I can set one temperature in my son’s room, a different in the kitchen, and another in the basement. Each area of my home can have the optimal comfort level at all times."


Why the majority of homeowners are installing ductless

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