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"We highly recommend Gold Coast Home Comfort. During our renovation we were undecided as to installing conventional central air conditioning or going with the Mitsubishi ductless units. After interviewing several companies, we chose Gold Coast and the Mitsubishi split system. We are thrilled with the system and it's versatility."


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C3 Technology™

Available in Ductless and Central Air Systems

There’s nothing like a warm home -- consistently warm that is!

Old technology heating systems cycle on and off, causing temperature swings and drafts that feel uncomfortable and waste energy.

Do you like humidity?

No?  Me neither…In fact nobody does.  Who likes to come home after a high performing day, sit down to enjoy a meal or get some rest when it’s muggy and sticky in the house?

Inefficient and older air conditioning systems cycle on and off all day long.  This old technology ONLY  filters the air in your home when the system happens to be running.

to learn about the latest C3 Technology and why these systems are so incredible.

Earning & Returning™ means that when you use our services, we donate a percentage of each sale to certain causes year-after-year. Each month, we choose an organization whose purpose is meaningful to us. If there is a certain cause or organization that is meaningful to you, please let us know and we’d be happy to get involved!

What makes Gold Coast Home Comfort so different?

We Think Different!

Founded and owned by Thomas Stackpole, Gold Coast Home Comfort was specifically created to be sensitive to and serve the needs of others.  Through our team efforts, we create comfortable environments at work and at home so that our customers can thrive and perform at their best and in turn, live a better life. 

Closing the loop on our search for fulfillment, our Earning & Returning™ initiative further defines our purpose filled mission as we support those in need through volunteering and donations to raise awareness on a regular basis, thereby improving more than just your own life.

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