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You Deserve a System That Works

We get it! Working hard all day, shuffling kids all over the place, laundry, dinner, the list goes on - your days are consumed.  We understand how frustrating it can be coming home to an air conditioning system that doesn’t work. What’s worse is not feeling confident that you have someone to call.

Planning a cooling and heating system improvement can be exciting, but the thought of searching for someone you can trust can be a drain on your valuable time and money.  If the right selection isn’t made, that excitement can turn into grief, discomfort, and lost money.

At Gold Coast Home Comfort, we’ve developed thousands of long term relationships by patiently presenting the most dependable, best performing systems on the market that work when you need them most.

Based on years of homeowner interaction and feedback, we’ve learned what they value most is to be guided by a trusted professional toward a dependable system solution that will fit their needs, not the contractor's. This is even more important considering the technically advanced and environmentally friendly systems available today.

Advancements in technology have improved many aspects of our lives especially air conditioning & heating systems.  Change can be difficult for us, both personally and professionally, so how do you know that your contractor is embracing these advancements on your behalf and in turn presenting you with all of your available options and benefits?  When you get right down to it, air conditioning systems are a large investment that add value to your home and your life.  There’s been many a homeowner that set out on this journey to improve both, yet in the end were left disappointed merely because they “did not know”.

You won’t know either, unless you have a comparative reference.  That comparative reference can be found in Gold Coast Home Comfort, where we align ourselves with your goals of adding value to your home and life.  Specifically, understanding your needs, conveying all available technologies and options and more importantly HOW these systems will impact your actual comfort and operating costs.

Your needs, home structure, and layout can vary, therefore your heat and air conditioning system type and size will vary as well.  Although we offer central air conditioning and other home heating systems, over the past decade, our ongoing relationships with our customers has taught us that the most impactful technology is the ductless heating and cooling systems.   

Although ductless technology is not new to the world, it is new to many local contractors and homeowners in the United States.  This is a big reason why understanding HOW ductless technology performs, and the overall impact it has on you will not only determine your unit and system selection, but ensure that you are not disappointed after it’s all done and you wrote the check. 

This, “Begin With The End In Mind,” philosophy will ensure that you don’t waste your valuable time and money or get stuck in a hot house when it’s 95 degrees outside!

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