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How a Wall-Mounted Heating & Cooling System Eliminates Uneven Air Pockets

If you’ve been frustrated with pockets of cold and warm air occurring in your home despite having your unit running, it might be time to upgrade your heating and cooling system. With the power, technology, and versatility of a wall-mounted unit from Mitsubishi Electric, battling the chill of a Jericho, NY, winter — and the hot summers — will be far easier and more convenient.

Heating & Cooling Efficiency

An older heating and cooling system can have troubles maintaining the temperature you desire. This leads to pockets of warm or cool air appearing in areas of your home that the system can’t accommodate.

A wall-mounted Mitsubishi Electric unit, however, has the technology necessary to eliminate this pesky issue. With the 3D i-see SensorTM(available in select models), the system uses infrared scans to closely monitor the temperature in the room, even going as far as to track individual human heat signatures. With this data, the unit automatically adjusts its output to perfectly maintain the temperature you desire.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

The advantages of the wall-mounted heating and cooling system go beyond keeping a consistent temperature no matter the conditions. Not only will the air in your room be more comfortable, but it will also be healthier for you. Thanks to the unit’s multi-layer allergen filtration system, its multi-staged shields remove particulates, such as dust and other contaminants, from your air.

The constant fan circulation also keeps a cycle of fresh air continuously moving throughout the space, ensuring the atmosphere never gets stale. Moreover, the filters are washable, so you’ll have pristine air throughout their entire 10-year lifespan.

A wall-mounted heating and cooling system from Mitsubishi Electric is a surefire way to eliminate problematic cold and warm air pockets in your home while simultaneously creating a healthier environment. Plus, with control of the unit in a convenient remote or smartphone app, your ideal home atmosphere is never out of reach.

Are you ready to upgrade your home to a wall-mounted heating and cooling system? The reliable team at Gold Coast Home Comfort has been serving the community in the Jericho, NY, area for more than six decades. Their experienced and efficient crew handles all HVAC repairs and installations with professionalism and a customer-first approach. To schedule an appointment, call (516) 433-0918 today, and learn more about them by visiting the website.

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