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Constant Air Filtration

& Temperature Control

Inefficient and older air conditioning systems cycle on and off all day long.  This old technology ONLY  filters the air in your home when the system happens to be running.

The trouble is that these systems run less during high pollen season because the outdoor temperatures are lower, which is when you need the filtration the most.

In addition, if the system is not running, the air is not moving.  If the air is not moving we can’t get a true sense of the temperature in your home in order to properly keep you comfortable.  This leads to temperature and humidity swings that most people do not like ie, (sleepless nights).  A way to avoid this if you have the old technology is to run your fan continuously, but the downside is the extra electricity costs to run the fan at full speed all the time.

We offer the latest and most dependable C3 Technology™ that provides constant air filtration and consistent temperature control in order to ensure that you feel the comfort you deserve in your home all year long.

While our system is constantly filtering the air it is also constantly sensing the room temperature.  As the temperature in your home changes due to doors opening and closing, turning on the oven, kids coming in and out, etc. our system SLOWLY modulates and adjusts its output to keep you at your set-point.

Similar to driving your car on cruise control, the system only gives you what you need, therefore it doesn’t waste energy starting and stopping like driving your car in city traffic where we accelerate and brake all the time.


These are a couple of more awesome benefits of our C3 Technology™ as reported to me by hundreds of raving customers that excitedly revisit us at various home shows and volunteering events.


Check out the other C3 Technology™ benefits that are guaranteed to improve your life!


       Constant Dehumidification

       Constant Air Filtration & Temperature Control

       Consistent Cooling & Heating 

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