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Constant Dehumidification

Do you like humidity?

No?  Me neither….In fact nobody does.  Who likes to come home after a high performing day, sit down to enjoy a meal or get some rest when it’s muggy and sticky in the house?

The trouble is that the inefficient and older air conditioning systems (central air and window or wall units) cycle on and off all day long.  In addition to wasting a lot of energy from the constant cycling, these systems are incapable of removing humidity to the levels that make us comfortable in our home, especially on days when it’s raining, 100% humidity and super muggy outside.


We offer the latest most dependable C3 Technology™ that provides constant dehumidification whether it’s 95 degrees or 78 degrees and raining with 100% humidity outside.

The dehumidification that this technology delivers has a tremendous impact on our comfort because it consistently dehumidifies.  It doesn’t cycle on and off like the old technology does.

Humidity has different characteristics than air does.  Humidity is like fog, so as we reduce the humidity in one area it essentially pulls the remaining humidity from the adjacent areas in your home toward the unit creating a consistently comfortable environment.

This is one of the most impactful benefits of our C3 Technology™ as reported to us by hundreds of raving customers that excitedly revisit us at various home shows and volunteering events.


Check out the other C3 Technology™  benefits that are guaranteed to improve your life!


       Constant Dehumidification

       Constant Air Filtration & Temperature Control

       Consistent Cooling & Heating

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